Disaster Recovery in the Face of Earthquakes

In some parts of the country, earthquakes are a real threat. In the face of such a disaster, creating a sound disaster recovery plan will save your company huge dollars in the long run.

A good disaster recovery plan can insulate your company from the effects of a massive earthquake and ensure that you are fully operational in the shortest amount of time. Since data is critical to any company in this day and age, your disaster recovery plan should include data backup and recovery in the event that an earthquake destroys much of your company’s necessary files at your location.

For your data backups to be immediately accessible, they need to be stored in multiple offsite locations. This could quickly turn into a security and logistic nightmare, especially if you have a considerable volume of data. One viable solution is to use the Internet. That said, there are companies that offer cloud services and online backup that can equip you with the data recovery services you need.

No one can predict when an earthquake will occur. Make sure your disaster recovery plan is flexible enough to cope. Likewise, make sure to partner with a reliable cloud service provider that you can count on to be there for you, especially in the most difficult of situations.


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