Colocation: Cost-Effective Solution to IT Needs

Colocation services have become a popular choice among small to mid-sized businesses over the years. After all, having a professional data center house your business’ IT infrastructure, as opposed to building a server room in your office, allows your business to make some significant savings in the following areas:

Cost of Construction

With so many large machines present in a server room, environment control systems are necessary to prevent your servers from melting anything that enters the room. Furthermore, installing the necessary hardware and cables will have to be done by a professional. A colocation data center already has all these in place, allowing you to just choose how powerful of a server you need. Continue reading


Disaster Recovery in the Face of Earthquakes

In some parts of the country, earthquakes are a real threat. In the face of such a disaster, creating a sound disaster recovery plan will save your company huge dollars in the long run.

A good disaster recovery plan can insulate your company from the effects of a massive earthquake and ensure that you are fully operational in the shortest amount of time. Since data is critical to any company in this day and age, your disaster recovery plan should include data backup and recovery in the event that an earthquake destroys much of your company’s necessary files at your location. Continue reading

5 Reasons Your Business Should Start Looking for Cloud Service Providers

Still wrestling whether or not you should move your business towards cloud computing? Well, aside from the fact that it’s expected to take over 80% of the market within the next decade, looking into cloud service providers is something you may want to consider. The benefits of cloud computing are innumerable, so to save you the time of looking all of them up, here’s a highlighted list of some of its best attributes!

Updates are automatic!
The cost associated with updating software can sometimes get out of hand. The great thing about cloud computing is that all updates are handled by the vendor, saving you the responsibility of keeping up with the latest version and the potential cost.

Private Cloud Servers Uses More Security Than The Average Computer Owner

When it comes down to it, when people think of cloud computing their initial concern is always the issue of security. “What do you mean all of my information is accessible for anywhere?” “Why wouldn’t I just keep all of my information localized?” Admittedly, the sound of your personal business “just flying around out there” is a little bit unnerving. But the fact is, cloud computing is very safe…even safer than your locally stored data.

Now that you’ve been assured that the cloud is safe, you still might not be convinced. You might be thinking, “How is the cloud protected?” Well here’s an answer: Encryption. Encryption methods utilize complex algorithms to conceal cloud-protected information. In order for anyone to get through to the stored information and data, they would need the encryption key. A private cloud server uses more complex security methods than the average computer owner is able to devise.