Read the Answers to FAQs about Dedicated Servers

If you are considering taking advantage of a dedicated server for your website, you may have millions of questions running through your mind right now. Below, you’ll find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding dedicated servers:

I run multiple websites. How many websites can a dedicated server host?

As many websites as you need. After all, it’s your server, and you’re free to host as many websites as you want. Of course, take note that having multiple websites on one server will mean splitting the server’s processing capabilities, which is probably the reason why you are interested in using a dedicated server in the first place.

If my IT needs change in the future, can a dedicated server adapt to those changes?

Dedicated servers can easily be upgraded to meet your IT needs. Whether you require more RAM or an extra 2 terabytes, service providers can easily upgrade a server’s hardware to ensure your website(s) continue to run at peak efficiency.

What happens if my server goes down?

If you work with a leading service provider, such a scenario is highly unlikely. In fact, some service providers are confident enough to offer a 100 percent Network Availability guarantee. In the unlikely event you server goes down for more than 15 minutes, many service providers offer service credits.


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