Big Businesses Believe the Era of the Private Cloud Server is Here for Good

Sometimes the majority gets it right. Sometimes you just have to go with what works the best and sometimes a lot of people or businesses latch on to that idea. Cloud computing is just that idea. The era of cloud computing is here…and it’s staying.

“Why is it here to stay?” you may be asking yourself. Well here one example: SynapDX. SynapDX is a research company that searches hundreds of thousands of genetic markers, looking for clues about autism in 880 children across 20 states. Just a few years ago a task like that would’ve taken a major research company spending over a million dollars on staff and technology to keep up with the emerging data. Now, thanks to cloud computing, SynapDx functions with a staff of 22 and only spends $25,000 a month, allowing the research dollars to go much further.


Cloud Service Providers Will Be The Majority Within Six Years

When you’re a business owner your main concerns, especially at first, are to try and keep costs down and efficiency up. Being able to stay up on the latest technologies in your industry could be what keeps you a float during the slower times. Businesses that utilize the cloud are learning that by doing so, they are able to increase productivity more than expected.

Colocation Services: The Cost-Effective Solution

If you are the owner of a large company, you may have thought about building your own private server and keeping it in-house. It’s hard to fault you for thinking that way, and if you believe that it’s the best option for your company, do not hesitate to do so.

For many other business owners, building an on-site server is too expensive. Fortunately, colocation services offer a much more cost-effective solution. Colocation services are able to accomplish this through the following ways: Continue reading

Read the Answers to FAQs about Dedicated Servers

If you are considering taking advantage of a dedicated server for your website, you may have millions of questions running through your mind right now. Below, you’ll find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding dedicated servers:

I run multiple websites. How many websites can a dedicated server host?

As many websites as you need. After all, it’s your server, and you’re free to host as many websites as you want. Of course, take note that having multiple websites on one server will mean splitting the server’s processing capabilities, which is probably the reason why you are interested in using a dedicated server in the first place. Continue reading