Building a Data Center vs. Outsourcing the Tasks

When you’re continuously expanding your business, you will reach a point when your existing servers and the rest of your IT infrastructure will just not be enough anymore. You may need additional storage space for your data, supplementary power for your processes, more environmental control systems, and a bigger area for a greater number of equipment. Will you build a new data center or outsource the functions?

There’s no definite answer to this dilemma, and the more effective choice relies on you specific needs, resources, or plans. Any of your options have unique benefits, so you have to weigh them and decide which gives you the most advantages and profit potential.

Building a Data Center

The best advantage when you build your own data center is total control over your IT infrastructure, which means you can better monitor its security and prevent threats. You can also anticipate downtimes better and have them resolved without needing to get a hold of your provider. While it can be the costlier route, you can also find the cheapest dedicated server and other high-quality but affordable equipment to help offset the costs.

Outsourcing Your Data Center

On the other hand, outsourcing makes the costs far more manageable. You won’t also have to worry about maintenance and (when you find a reliable company) connectivity losses. Of course, you might be concerned about security, but you can lessen the threats by being vigilant and scrutinizing the services offered before entering into a contract with a provider.


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