Private cloud servers are transforming the way every business grows

It’s a simple fact: Businesses that adapt will grow. The ability to roll with the technological punches of an ever-changing digital landscape is imperative to the life of a business. Whatever business you’re involved with, the cloud is the correct answer. Here’s an example of three specific companies that are maxing out their utilization of the cloud.

The Hartford, a company that focuses on growing its group benefits its group benefits, mutual funds and property and casualty businesses, is using the cloud to bring technology products to the market faster by reducing costs, improving system availability and providing business continuity capabilities. Anything a business can do to improve its digital reach is well worth the cost.


In 2015 cloud service providers will be in 90 percent of the market!

The point of having a business is to grow it. So the main objective for any business owner is find the best tools to utilize in order to make their operation succeed. The knowledge and implementation of new technologies look to be the best way to stay relevant in today’s business climate. The “cloud” is one such technology that continues to revolutionize every industry it touches. The one thing that never changes in business is that productivity is king.

Industry insiders predict that by the end of 2015, more than 90 percent of government organizations and large businesses will be switched over to cloud service providers. Soon, small business will be forced to a dapt in order to function with its counterparts. And why wouldn’t they? Efficiency and savings should be the top priority of any entrepreneur.

Building a Data Center vs. Outsourcing the Tasks

When you’re continuously expanding your business, you will reach a point when your existing servers and the rest of your IT infrastructure will just not be enough anymore. You may need additional storage space for your data, supplementary power for your processes, more environmental control systems, and a bigger area for a greater number of equipment. Will you build a new data center or outsource the functions?

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