A Brief Guide on Server Solutions and Costs

One of the biggest advantages of IT solutions like cloud services and dedicated servers is that they are applicable to all businesses—no matter what size or industry. Still, a start-up doesn’t have the same financial capabilities as established businesses. As such, startup proprietors have to take their time in finding cost-effective IT solutions. Here is a short guide to help you get started:

Traditional web hosting vs. e-commerce solutions

If your goal for having a website is to provide company and contact information to potential customers and generate leads through the e-mail listing feature, you may run the site on traditional web hosting solutions, which is the cost-effective option for that purpose.

If e-commerce is in the horizon for you, however, you need a website that runs efficiently and smoothly even with several users logged on simultaneously. Traditional web hosting solutions aren’t enough as they’d put your website on a public server. Consider a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or dedicated server instead.

VPS vs. dedicated server

There are noticeable differences between a VPS and dedicated server. First, in a VPS setting, although your website doesn’t run on a public platform, you still share resources with other companies, and there’s still that risk of server issues.

A dedicated server, meanwhile, is allocated entirely to your company and your requirements. If you expect continuous expansion, this is definitely the more ideal solution. To manage your costs, consider getting a plan with the basic features you need for now.


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