Choosing Colocation Providers: Factors to Consider

After all, servers are delicate pieces of technology and require a specific environment that most standard office spaces cannot provide. While you can try to look for an office space to comfortably house your server, setting one up with the help of a colocation service is usually the easier and more cost-effective option.

Finding a colocation provider isn’t overly difficult, but the variety of choices can make it hard to settle on the best option for you. If you are currently searching for a colocation provider, here are three important factors that should help you make an informed decision: Continue reading


Sacramento Data Center: How You Can Maximize Your Colocation Services

With your colocation and web hosting services under one roof, a reliable Sacramento data center provider offers cost-efficient solutions for your IT

Web Hosting 101: Getting Cloud Service Providers vs. Dedicated Servers

When launching your company’s e-commerce website, app, or any other software, you must first find a suitable web hosting service. Your web server should be able to accommodate the specifications and data within your website or app as well as the traffic that will be accessing it. There are many ways in which this can be done, but getting cloud service providers and relying on dedicated servers are two of the most common, dependable web hosting systems.

Why Have Dedicated Servers for Your Business

While all of the departments in your company work together to ensure your business’s success, each group has different functions and requirements—especially when it comes to data storage. Some departments require more capacity for storing data, while some barely at all.

Your payroll department, for instance, is in charge of timekeeping records and payroll information. Without sufficient data capacity in their local hard drives, your payroll officers won’t be able to calculate your employees’ salaries correctly. As such, it pays to provide them with a large-capacity server so they can store as much data as they want. Continue reading