Need More Cyberspace? Colocation is for You!

Technology is so entrenched in daily life that almost every business in the country uses the Internet in some way or form. The amount of hardware and software needed to properly support this practice, however, is oftentimes beyond the means of a small, fledgling company. Rather than spend money in logistics just to fill the technology gap, why not rent the equipment and resources that an established company already has?

This, in a nutshell, describes the concept of ‘colocation’, where a ‘colo’ or data center provides the client business with power, bandwidth, and cooling solutions (among other things). The client, in turn, provides the colo with data storage and servers to work with. Typically, the colo also has secure, climate-controlled facilities to house its hardware and software assets, thus ensuring that its client’s data are safe from harm and tampering.

Colocation obviously provides plenty of benefits to small companies. Aside from the additional security it provides, colocation allows a company to scale up its online services during its peak hours of activity, without having to spend more money on hardware and manpower for this temporary uptick in demand.

Colocation also ensures that businesses won’t have their online functions interrupted by power outages, natural disasters, and the like. Not only do colos have backup generators to keep their machines running in case of these scenarios, but their data facilities are also usually sturdy enough to avoid data loss.


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