Web Hosting 101: Getting Cloud Service Providers vs. Dedicated Servers

When launching your company’s e-commerce website, app, or any other software, you have to find a suitable web hosting service. Your web server should be able to accommodate the specifications or data within your website or app and the traffic that would be accessing it. There are many ways in which this could be done, but getting cloud service providers and relying on dedicated servers are two of the most common, dependable web hosting systems.
The Case for Cloud Hosting
Om Thoke, web hosting expert for About.com, aims to be impartial in comparing the two.


Need More Cyberspace? Colocation is for You!

Technology is so entrenched in daily life that almost every business in the country uses the Internet in some way or form. The amount of hardware and software needed to properly support this practice, however, is oftentimes beyond the means of a small, fledgling company. Rather than spend money in logistics just to fill the technology gap, why not rent the equipment and resources that an established company already has? Continue reading

Growing Need for Data Recovery Services

When it comes to disaster recovery, IT professionals face a significant challenge: consistency. In today’s business environment, the best methods for data storage are being changed and updated at a rapid pace that even the most seasoned technology veterans are finding it hard to keep up. Add to that the fact that when disaster does strike, data recovery becomes more than just a simple practice of find and replace. Companies need to go through the arduous task of identifying what type of data was lost, where and how it was stored, and what steps must be taken to recover it. Continue reading