Colocation Services Growing in Popularity

For a lot of Sacramento companies that choose to maintain a presence in the downtown area, space is fast becoming a luxury. According to a survey conducted by a New Jersey consulting firm, Sacramento ranks 19th on the list of Most Expensive Corporate HQ Cities. The annual cost of a 500-employee office in the city, for example, hovers at $ 40,064,390.

Clearly, office spaces are at a premium in the Camellia Capital of the World. If you rely on massive servers for your business, storing these servers at your office location means you would have to pay for the space they take up. It certainly makes a lot of sense to store your data elsewhere and free up plenty of office space, which could potentially lower your monthly rent.

Enter Sacramento colocation providers who can take terabyte upon terabyte of data from your hands and store them at a more suitable – and cheaper – location. No longer will your company need to expand your existing office space or move to another location to accommodate your growing digital assets. All you have to do is hire a reliable colocation company and you’ll be rid of your data storage woes.

With the cost of office space rising each year, it is not entirely surprising why colocation services are becoming ever more popular.


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