Factors that Affect the Price of Dedicated Servers

If your business operations rely heavily on the Internet, it’s a good idea for you to host a server that lets you attract more web traffic and maximize your computer resources, among other things. However, you should also know that a server is a sizable investment; dedicated servers, in particular, can be very expensive as their price is affected by the following factors.

First, consider the number of users. Perhaps somewhat counterintuitively, servers actually become cheaper the more people come to use them regularly. In other words, the equipment cost is shared among multiple users. Otherwise, you’ll be paying for everything if your business is the sole server user.

The second factor is the volume of traffic, which is easier to understand. Simply put, if your website gets hundreds or thousands of visitors every day, your server has to manage greater amounts of web traffic, which naturally increases your operational costs. It may not be such a wise option to rely on a dedicated server if your website fits this description, more so if your site does not use an open-source database.

Technical support is the third factor that influences the price of your server. Typically, the cheapest dedicated server would come with basic technical support, whereas the most expensive ones allow you to customize support services to suit your needs.


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