The Right Location for Colocation

Many small- and medium-sized businesses or SMBs lack the skills and resources to set up, run, and maintain a robust IT infrastructure. Given that most of these businesses rely on data storage and processing, a data center consequently becomes a necessity. To address this dilemma, SMBs can opt for data colocation.

Colocation allows a business to have its servers stored elsewhere. The setup, operations, and maintenance are all handled by specialist technicians who have sufficient training and background. Aside from qualified personnel, colocation must be set up in the right location for the services to be truly advantageous.

Among other things, the ideal colocation facility must have strong bandwidth. Since your servers will be sharing its network connection with the facility, the bandwidth performance must be fast and efficient. Better network redundancy as well as a reliable, alternate backup system should also be in place in case of network failure.

Finally, the facility should be protected from calamities and disasters. Data centers that operate within tunnels or former nuclear bunkers may not necessarily be the best option as they can be too expensive and too remote from your main office. You might want to pick a conveniently located Sacramento colocation facility that is well away from earthquake-prone areas. Such a facility should also have a redundant emergency power supply.


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