The Right Location for Colocation

Many small- and medium-sized businesses or SMBs lack the skills and resources to set up, run, and maintain a robust IT infrastructure. Given that most of these businesses rely on data storage and processing, a data center consequently becomes a necessity. To address this dilemma, SMBs can opt for data colocation. Continue reading


The Essentials of Cloud Service

Competition often spurs the development of products or services that are more affordable yet equally as good, if not better than, pricier counterparts when it comes to performance. That said, it pays to exercise caution when weighing all cost-effective options for a critical business element such as cloud computing. Sure, you may have found the cheapest cloud service provider out there, but are you sure you’ve found a good one? Here are some factors to keep in mind:

On-demand self-service

You, the end user, should have the ability to provision computing capabilities even without help from your service provider’s tech support team. A user-friendly self-service process configure changes without much difficulty is what you need. Continue reading

Sacramento Data Center Solutions Enable SMEs to Meet Green Objectives

“With experts at a Sacramento colocation facility maintaining your hardware on a regular basis, you are less likely to encounter maintenance issues like server down times. In turn, you can perform your business processes more efficiently and without the need to repeat or redo anything. This also leads to a decrease in power consumption and a reduction of your carbon footprint.

Additionally, the facility maximizes space to accommodate servers without sacrificing the quality of handling and maintenance. This beneficial design implies less raw material usage for construction and ultimately contributes to your company’s overall sustainability.”

Affordable Cloud Service Providers Efficiently Build Private Clouds

“Software, hardware, and other technology make private clouds possible. For instance, virtualization technologies or open-source programs that enable you to control the cloud processes should have a user-friendly web interface. Firewalls and other security software, on the other hand, keep your data safe.

Be sure to look for the cheapest dedicated server equipment that prevent flexibility and security from being easily compromised. These technologies should also be capable of basic functions such as mobile application storage, communication, and file sharing.”