The Advantages of Using a Dedicated Server

Most people can get by with having a shared server host their data and website. However, using a shared server comes with its own set of risks, so many companies prefer to use a dedicated server instead.

A dedicated server is exactly what it sounds: a server that hosts only your data, processes and website. What does that mean for you? Here are the advantages of using a dedicated server:

Better Reliability

Shared servers only have a set amount of free processing capability to use to process thousands of websites at the same time. Sometimes, this means your business website will slow down—or worse, become unavailable. This can spell trouble if your business relies on quick responses to customer queries.

A dedicated server, however, means that the entire amount of data the server has is entirely available for your website. As a result, you and your customers enjoy a more reliable and accessible website.

Better Security

In many shared servers, all the websites hosted share a single IP address. This is a huge problem because if one of the sites that use the IP address is banned or hacked, there is a possibility that the rest of the sites can be banned or hacked as well. You avoid such a scenario when you use dedicated servers because they provide you a unique IP address.


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